An exercise in applied sensibility


A self-evident truth.

Some things are subject to interpretation, but all things are bound in conscience to an underpinning truth.

This Web Site is dedicated to getting at the truth… about everything… I’m not kidding.

It’s very simple, anyone in disagreement with the information hosted on this site is free to submit their opinion, a response, or any information that speaks to the issue. Your encouraged to sign up, start a blog and have a fruitful discussion if you like.

Please be responsible, respectful and informed. is an open platform, anyone can register and claim the bully pulpit and all issues and topics are open to debate.

Truism Now!

This is Neo-Truism:
A new doctrine of conscious faith.

Truisms demonstrate the power of rational thinking. Truism for the purpose of our exercise is the philosophy for a new consciousness, an “ism” grounded in truth and actualities; utilizing truths as building blocks for constructing a better understanding of the world we live in. This is an invitation to explore your understanding of life and what’s real.

What is Real, and what role should the truth play in framing an accurate reality?

Human history tells us that certain things are real: Racism, poverty, starvation, indifference, affluence is real. Tenable possibilities are real. Ignorance and the motivation to perpetuate ignorance is very real; just as greed is real; hate, abuse of power, survival of the fittest is real; all of which serves to make undue suffering an unfortunate reality for many. Fortunately, ideas are real and dreams are real, and that makes the human potential real. The future, on the other hand, is not real so the possibilities of guessing it wrong is very real. The theorem is that history not only tells us what happened in the past, it also tells us what need to happen in the future. We vote to give truth a chance at creating a better future by redefining what it is that make the human experience real.