An exercise in applied sensibility
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The Reunification of Mind and Matter

Posted on Aug 12 2012

In an effort to consciously navigate this experience we call life, being inclined to mainly accept things as they are, I find it necessary to always explore my understanding of the things in life that tend to contradict intuition. Hence, an almost nagging motivation to document my personal struggle with some of the commonly accepted ideas I find to be in conflict with reality.

Gauging the limits and deficiencies that are inherent to human intelligence for the most part doesn’t require a PhD in any field of study, just basic common sense. Generally, people tend to adopt the belief system that best aid their ability to cope with the challenges and the rigor of day-to-day living; only when the grim inescapable realities of human existence become a fly in the ointment, so to speak, we’re then forced to realize that a truly objective perspective eludes far too many of us, even on some of the most crucial issues.

In my opinion,  the methods “civilization” employ deserves the scrutiny of a more accurate perspective. As is, there can be no genuine distinction between blind ignorance and intelligence; not within the precincts of our modern religious paradigm – tasked with perpetuating a moral yet intellectually prudent society. In particular, I find it necessary to question the integrity of our moral structure; human existence remains diseased with the lasting effects of our most popular misconceptions. Far too many misguided beliefs continue to separate people by class, race, culture, and religious convictions; giving substance to issues so-called civilized nations have struggled with for centuries. As “God’s creatures” we blatantly perpetrate irremissible acts of violence, often times in defense of moral conduct. And while it can be said that ours is an age of many truly great intellectual achievements, the need and the desire to pursue a greater capacity of tolerance and understanding among human beings can’t be met. To an objective mind, our shortcomings should reveal clear and convincing evidence that humans are more “beast” (a product of our terrestrial environment), than they are even imperfect “beings” (a product of divine intellect). We live in a society where such truths are manipulated by misguided philosophies and baseless ideologies, and often through unscrupulous means. We exist in a world where mass ignorance can effectively distort any accurate understanding of who and what we are; in a time when the search for a definitive outlook on life and human existence is routinely considered a foolhardy endeavor, yielding ideas not readily promulgated for fruitful consumption. Naturally, it gives us great comfort to assert religious beliefs supporting the notion that humans are akin to the ultimate of beings, and endowed with profound intellect. We find the real possibility that we are products of mere chance and consequences less attractive – suffering the limited scope of human perception as it so often deprives us the benefits of many such profound insights.

In essence, much of what proves to be the most disconcerting human behavior ultimately reflects the many ways in which morality can be completely absent from the practice or display of civility and intelligence, contradicting the reality common sense should dictate. Given man’s unique ability to rationalize suffering, our “profound intellect” tends to not stray far from the cruel realities of nature. Hence our perpetual need to search for a true and more meaningful existence.

The Reunification of Mind and Matter is a journey; one we hope will reflect a renewed enlightenment, a realization of that need to fully appreciate the study of our material universe as the only possible foundation on which we can develop an accurate understanding of our mortal existence. The goal is to illuminate the synthesis of a proper perspective. The purpose is to propagate a common understanding. The hope is to re-define all that is familiar in human nature. However ambitious a goal it may seem, the motivating force is that desperate need to clearly identify truth with a common mind – a common perception.

There is also that urgent responsibility to augment consciousness by reaffirming a few elementary ideas that are facts: First, “Life”, in any context, specifies distinctly one single universal entity; “Life” define a significantly relevant portion of all that we know exist; in that respect, no single constituent of life can truly be deemed greater in stature or lesser in value by law or by consequence within the grand scheme of things. Second, and equally basic, is the need to fully embrace the fact that as mere mortals, human beings are ultimately subject to the will of the universe, as is any rock that is compelled to orbit a star, as is any living creature that nature permits to exist and evolve; our path predetermined by many undefined forces. As somewhat intelligent creatures, we are compelled to question the will of our universe, simply because we lack the immediate capacity to fathom existence in its entirety. And third, the imperfect nature of the human animal clearly demonstrates the need to identify “Intelligence” as a tool and not necessarily the underlying source of man’s somewhat ambiguous existence; that being a valid assumption in the grand scheme, our ultimate responsibility as living, thinking, ever evolving constituents of life, is to construct a sturdy foundation for a greater understanding of life and human existence; to infix a body of knowledge that will allow the human animal its inherited freedom to think and to be in greater cooperation with the true nature of its being, free from the destructive arrogance of misguided intellect. Thus begins our journey.