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Racism – A History

Posted on | November 5, 2009 | 1 Comment

Racism is the 800-pound gorilla in every room. And to be honest, it makes no different what color you are or where you’re from, at some point in your life you will be affected by someone else’s racist views; some of us are more susceptible than others. Racism is one of the most destructive ideas ever conjured up by man, it brings out the worst inhumane behavior in people. And while there’s much to be said about the benefits of living in a culturally diverse society, from a global perspective it’s distressing to even imagine the price we now pay for the unnecessary destruction of so many human lives over the centuries due to this inherently lethal combination of arrogance, ignorance and hate.

What struck me while watching “Racism: A History”, is the realization that this is living history, still being played out in modern society. 205 years since the Haitian Slave Revolt resulted in the first independent black republic, Today, with 95% of its population black descendants of African slaves, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, suffering no real effort from the global community to set right the neglect that still condemns the majority of its population to a life of object poverty. Almost 100 years after slavery was abolished in the United States of America it took 10 years of civil disobedience (1955 – 1965) to force any real change in how white America deals with the destructive impact of racism in African American communities, many are still struggling with some of the most fundamental issues that has plagued race relations since the Civil Rights Movement. There’s ample evidence that the very same misguided ideologies that fed people’s racist views in the past still permeates society today: The Zionist occupation of Palestine, with no end in sight this conflict will likely continue in some form or the other as long as there are Palestinians living in Palestine; India and Pakistan, a dispute that separates two groups of people more similar than they are different; The indeterminate war between Islam and Christianity that resulted in 911,the Iraq war and the ongoing war in Afghanistan (a modern crusade), this is an age long conflict that will probably see no end as long as there are radicals on both sides of the divide.

Its not likely that prejudice and hate will be abolished from society. After all it’s human nature to set one’s self apart from others who are intrinsically different. The truth is, when racism becomes violent, when people impose unnecessary pain and suffering on the innocent victims of racist ideologies, that’s ultimately a conscious enterprise that deserves real indignation. There’s simply no intelligent justification for prejudice and discrimination anywhere, that was true in the past and it remains true now.

Part 1 – The Color of Money
Examines to what extent racism is a product of 17th century economic globalization
Part 2 – Fatal Impacts
Looks at Scientific Racism in the 19th century, which drew on now discredited sciences
Part 3 – A Savage Legacy
When the slavery of African Americans was abolished in 1865, a new age was heralded. Twenty years later these hopes evaporated


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  1. Juan
    August 7th, 2012 @ 1:50 pm

    Blaze thank you for passing on this mag caelld “The Forge”. Tha missive in question is on page 55.Anybody know who puts out this mag? There seems to be no publication identification in this pdf file (not that anyone would want to take credit for this). Is this put out by some government-funded agency?The written piece on black masculinity was written by, I guess, an intellectual, one Elias McBean, He puts forward the cogent argument that young black males have been unfairly depicted in the while racist media as being “violent” and “criminal” – -which anybody on this BCF site would realize at once is utterly untrue.As has been heavily discussed on this site, we have also come to the conclusion that anybody connected with Islam and Islamism is utterly peaceful. It is the Zionists and the Zionists in the pro-Zionist press which unfairly depict Islam has having a connection to violence. As we all know, this false depiction is a form of white, patriarchal, Islamophobic racism.btw Does the above get me a job at the OHRC? I need $100,000+ quick to pay for some gold stocks. I need money quick.

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